Boat & Personal Watercraft Scrutineering 


Scrutineering is normally done the day before a race event and this is done by one of our boat mechanics or the pit boss.


  • Tick = Ok
  • # = Repair before next race meeting
  • (ABBR) = Class Compulsory
  • X = Repair Immediately
  • N⁄A = Not Applicable
  • * = Digital Photo Required
  • TFH = Top Fuel Hydro
  • TAH = Top Alcohol Hydro
  • TL = Top Limited
  • PC = Pro Comp
  • SE = Stock Eliminator
  • SC = Sports Comp


Race: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


Race: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Throttle Return Springs
Fuel Lines Secure⁄Condition
Fuel Shut Off - Electric Pump
Engine Kill Switch
Noise Supression (SE to SC)
Outboard⁄Stern Drive
Motor Secure
Motor Trim Operation
Prop Shaft
Shaft Condition
Prop Condition
Prop Nut: Nylock or Pinned
Safety Collar
Prop Release (PC to TFH)
Strut Secure
Strut⁄Skeg Bush Condition
Rudder Condition⁄Secure
Drivers Kit
State Boating License Current *
Eye Protection
Neck Collar⁄Hans (TL to TFH)
Balaclava (TL to TFH)
Drivers Suit
Life Jacket (Chute, SC, PC, TL)
Ballistic Pants
State Registration Current *
State Registration Number on Hull *
Race Number on Hull
Driveline Guards
Fuel Tank Secure
Other Tanks⁄Bottles Secure
Battery Secure
Seat Secure
Steering Stops
Cavitation Plate Secure
Rope Deflector
Bow Eye
Fire Extinguisher


Crack Testing

This is recommended for your safety and the safety of others. (ALL BOATS)
Please provide business stamp and date if the following have been tested.

Part Date Stamp⁄Details
Propeller Shaft


Applies to Capsule Boats Only

Race: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Driver Safety Capsule
Air Supply
Mask Regulator
Air Supply "T"
Air Bottle Secure
Harness⁄Seat Belt
Latch System
Roll Cage Padding
Break Away Capsules
Pinger⁄Float on a Rope
Break Away Cables
Break Away Wiring Loom
Break Away Steering
Lifting Eyes
Diver Capsule Check (Init)

This Technical Inspection list above is to be used for Boat & Personal Watercraft scrutineering, this is done by an authorised VDBC Club Offical.


Note: that after the Boat & or Personal Watercraft has been scrutineered, please add all craft information, boat engine, technical specifications etc to the inside cover of the Drivers Log Book.


Please do not hesitate to contact the club with any other questions or more information.


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