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VDBC: Victorian Drag Boat Club has been operating from 1986-2024 and for the last 38 years has had many drag boat racing events, which include the annual National Drag Boat Titles with awards of the:

We put this page together to consist of a couple of Victorian Drag Boat videos that where taken at the National Water Sports Center during the National Drag Boat Titles, as well as images from past events including (Fundraisers & Drag Boat Racing Events form over the years), as well as information on our main calendar events "The Yella Terra Cup" & "The Bill Davis Memorial".



2017 VDBC National Titles




VDBC Promotional




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Archive Images (Black and White)


VDBC Fundraiser 1 VDBC Fundraiser 2 VDBC Fundraiser 3 VDBC Fundraiser 4 VDBC Fundraiser 5 VDBC Fundraiser 6 VDBC Fundraiser 7 VDBC Fundraiser 8 VDBC Fundraiser 9 VDBC Fundraiser 10 VDBC Fundraiser 11 VDBC Fundraiser 12



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VDBC Fundraiser 13 VDBC Fundraiser 14 VDBC Fundraiser 15



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Fundraiser Photos (Colour)


VDBC Race Meetings 1 VDBC Race Meetings 2 VDBC Race Meetings 3 VDBC Race Meetings 4 VDBC Race Meetings 5 VDBC Race Meetings 6 VDBC Race Meetings 7 VDBC Race Meetings 8 VDBC Race Meetings 9 VDBC Race Meetings 10 VDBC Race Meetings 11 VDBC Race Meetings 12 VDBC Race Meetings 13 VDBC Race Meetings 14 VDBC Race Meetings 15



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VDBC Race Meetings 16 VDBC Race Meetings 17 VDBC Race Meetings 18



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VDBC Bill Davis Memorial


Bill Davis was one of the clubs Founding members who was unfortunately killed in his Top Alcohol Hydro "Tinker Toy" on September 25th, 1988 at Lake Glenmaggie, we honour Bill with an award in his name for being the first TAH in Victoria and helping move the club forward.


2024 Winner


Reflections wins the 2024 Bill Davis Memorial Trophy and is now a 8 time winner of this prestige event.
Tony ran a 158.6mph (255.24 km/h)
Congratulations to Tony Williams and the Reflections team on another Bill Davis Memorial win.




Previous "Bill Davis Memorial" Winners


Winner State Year
The Pub Wyee N-S-W 1989
Western Express VIC 1990
Shot In The Dark N-S-W 1991
Shot In The Dark N-S-W 1993
Reflections N-S-W 1997
The Piece VIC 1998
The Piece VIC 2001
The Piece VIC 2002
Troublemaker N-S-W 2003
Silver Bullet VIC 2004
Silver Bullet VIC 2005
Reflections N-S-W 2006
Altered Image VIC 2007
Trippa VIC 2008
Reflections N-S-W 2009
Trippa VIC 2010
Reflections N-S-W 2011
Viper VIC 2012
Voodoo VIC 2013
Trippa VIC 2014
Thunder Down Under VIC 2015
Bottle Fed VIC 2016
Reflections N-S-W 2017
Reflections N-S-W 2018
Reflections N-S-W 2019
Reflections N-S-W 2024



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VDBC Yella Terra Cup

2019 Winner

Disruption wins the Yella Terra Cup and is now a 2 time winner of this event.
Congratulations to Paul Franks and the Disruption team on taking out this years Yella Terra Cup




Previous "Yella Terra Cup" Winners


Winner Boat State Year
Brett Sheppard Unleashed Vic 2008
Brett Sheppard Unleashed Vic 2009
Rod Cooney Rythum VIC 2010
David Clark Tuff-e-Nuff SA 2012
David Clark Tuff-e-Nuff SA 2013
David Bradford GASSA VIC 2014
Nicky Ellis Insaniac VIC 2015
Paul Franks Disruption VIC 2016
David Bradford GASSA VIC 2017
David Bradford GASSA VIC 2018
Paul Franks Disruption VIC 2019



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