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Newsletter No.1 for 2019


Happy New Year to all, Hope everyone had a fun and relaxing break over the last few weeks but now its time to go racing, we start 2019 with the first round of the National High Points Series on this weekend Sunday 20th January.


Hope to see you all there.




River Racer


After a successful introduction last season the River Racer (RR) class is back again for season 2018⁄2019! Some members may be asking what the River Racer class is? Well it's a "Dial Your Own" class which allows boats⁄jet skis⁄tinnys (yes even tinnys) the chance of running the Liquid 1⁄4 Mile! Basically if you have a vessel that runs 14 seconds or slower down the Liquid 1⁄4 Mile then the River Racer class is for you!


The "Dial Your Own" ability for the River Racer class makes for some great, close racing.
At our 1st race meeting this season (18th November 2018) the 2 finalists, Neil Williams in "The Outsider" and Stan Haritou in "Didgeridoo", had both selected Elapsed Time (ET) indexes they hadn't ran all day.
Neil chose an ET index of 14 seconds and Stan chose an ET index of 14.6 seconds.
Unfortunately for Neil he ran an ET of 13.990 seconds which means he broke out by 0.010 seconds and handed the win to Stan.
Stan also ran his quickest time of the day with an ET of 14.850 seconds.


The other great function of the River Racer class is that it staggers the start for each of the chosen ET index.
If the racers have chosen correctly the finish line margin will be extremely tight.
This makes for great viewing for the spectators on the banks as it will be very difficult to pick a winner without knowing the times!
Oh and by the way Stan Haritou's Didgeridoo has a "not so standard" 6 cylinder Holden at it's heart.
Just goes to show you don't need a fire breathing V8 to come down to the NWSC and have some fun with the VDBC!
You might even walk away with a win at the end of the day!


Annual Reverse Raffle 2018


What a cracker of a day! After a ripper start to the race season, it was great to back it up with an outstanding turn out of great people!
It was amazing to watch so many people come together for our annual event and support the club.
It’s great to see so many ladies and kids at our events enjoying themselves along side many of the drivers and race teams in fact I would almost guess that the ladies and kids actually outnumbered the men on the day.


These days don’t just happen so I’d like to firstly thank each and everyone that bought a ticket and sold the event out!
Some people need a special mention for their help on the day.

And a big congratulations to Wendy and David Howie who scooped the prize pool and pocketed a cool $3000.
The club also managed to go ahead to the tune of about $5500 so a great effort from all involved.


Roll on next year, AJ.

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