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Newsletter No.1 for 2017

January Race Day:


The VDBC committee would like to wish everyone a successful 2017.
Our next race day is fast approaching for 2nd January.
This year the club is running the next 3 events that will contribute as National Titles event.
All bracket class boats will need to compete in all 3 race days to obtain a winner.
All 3-race days will day supported by car show events as well.
It will be up to the all racers to ensure they support the next 3 events for the club as prize monies are on offer.
All members that attended the AGM voted on this so the committee expects full support all members and racers to make all 3-days successful.
Once again, a lot of planning has gone into this, so we ask members to help.
It cannot be left to only a hand full of people to do all the work.
The next 2 race days will need major attendance from racers.


February Race day:


Feb race day is on the 26th.
This race day will incorporate the Yella Terra Cup.
It will have $5000.00 on offer which are subject to strict conditions and if those conditions are not meet the club reserves the right to alter the prize monies.
More information will be published shortly.


April Race day:


Aprils race day is on the 2nd.
This race day will for the Bill Davis trophy, once again it is proposed to have $5000.00 to the winner of the event plus $3000.00 for winners in the bracket classes.
Once again strict conditions and if those conditions are not meet then the club reserves the right to alter prize monies.
Note: Entry fees will be strict and if not paid for by the due dates then that race boat & crew will not eligible for the prize monies on offer. However, this will not penalise that boat crew from the day racings as normal.


Monthly Meetings


Club meeting is on the 2nd Tuesday 24th of every month.
Meetings generally starts at 6.30 or 7.30pm.
The meetings are held in the common room at the National Water Sports centre.


Website & Facebook


Please keep an eye on the clubs website and Facebook pages for updated information.
www.vdbc.com.au & for Facebook see - Victorian Drag Boat Club
Australia these are the 2 only official club website information webpages.


Race day schedule.


All Boats
Must be at the venue by 8am no late entries unless prior notice is given by Wendy Howie.
Scrutineering will be done on the Saturday afternoon from 1pm and up to 8.30 am on the Sunday morning.
To make things easier we ask that Boat Owners have their boats scrutineered on the Saturday afternoon if possible.
There maybe also the opportunity to have it done during the week at a venue to be notified.
We will keep you posted.


BBQ Breakfast
The VDBC may supply a bacon and eggs for breakfast but support is required.


Drivers Briefing
9.30 am Sharp. All drivers and crew members to attend.
Do not wait to be called.
( Non Attendance = No Racing – No Exceptions ).
All boats are to be on the water before 9.30 am except for BADs and Hydro boats.
( Nobody is permitted to start their boats engines prior to 10.00 am ).


10:00 - 10.15 am Racing to start
( Unless Delayed ).
All bracket class boats are to have their boats in the water before drivers briefing.
All other boats are to be ready when called.


1.00 to 2.00pm BBQ available


2.00pm sharp
5.00pm all racing should be completed by the latest.
Then all race boat owners and drivers are required to help pack up.


Pack Up Course
After Eliminations Finals or after 2nd chance draw. All racers are to support and help pack up all equipment, this is not a committee-only responsibility, any non-race members we also ask for your support. many hands make light work.


VDBC Secretary: Mike Waghorne


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General Enquires


All Contacts
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Snail Mail
All posted mail should be addressed to:
Victorian Drag Boat Club Inc. P.O. Box 3238, Mornington, Vic, 3931.


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