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2016 Newsletter No.5

AGM Meeting


The annual General Meeting is scheduled for Saturday 18th June 2016 at the National Water Sports Centre common room.
The meeting is scheduled to start at 1:30pm.
The will be a BBQ and drinks available by the club.
The committee is asking that all members attend this meeting, there will be lots to discuss and there are certain proposals that will be presented to members.
This will be important so you input as members is essential.


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The Proposed Race Dates for 2016⁄2017

  1. 22-23 Oct 2016 at Lake Hume Power Boat Club
  2. 20th Nov 2016
  3. 22nd Jan 2017
  4. 19th Feb 2017
  5. 2nd April
  6. 7th May


It will be proposed that the club consider running the Jan, Feb & April race meeting as the Nationals event.
There will be more on this proposal at the AGM on the day.
However, the basic proposal will be, all bracket class boats have to run all 3 events and Feb and April will have either hydro day or Blown or Force induction displacement race day.
There will be more on this later.
Please bring to the AGM your nominations and also your votes for Below.
Please also be prepared to discuss and vote on membership fees.
The members must vote on this item.



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Presentation Night


The presentation night will be held on the 30th July 2016 at the Dandenong Club.
All members and Guest attending are to pre pay by the 22 July 2016.
The club will not be collecting monies on the night so it is essential that you pay the monies by the due date.
The cost for the night the club will be advising shortly.


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Lake Hume Power Boat Club


For all members Information. Lake Hume & the VDBC have be discussing the ability to support each others events.
This has come about on the basis to keep boats racing and hopefully raise boat numbers at each others events.
It does 2 things from our club perspective.
a) Its gives the Club and members the opportunity to have a weekend away.
b) It gives the club and boats the opportunity to race away from the NWSC but more importantly, it can race at a different venue without having to through all the bureaucracy that is currently associated with organising race events.
It gives racers the ability to try circuit racing as well.
c) It also gives the members of Lake Hume Power Boat Club the opportunity to support our national titles and other race events as well.


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Club Support Events Coming


The club as usual are asked to support other events by way of Static Displays.
Caribbean Gardens 12th Jun 2016— Queens Birthday Weekend.
If any member can support this event plus also put a boat on Display, then here is your information.
The activities Start at 10.00 am & finishes at 3pm.
It is a Car, Bike & Boat Show.


Special Judges

  1. John Bow
  2. Ronny Barclay

Special Guests

  1. Kelly Bros
  2. Craig Lowndes
  3. Terry Wyhoon


This is a fundraiser event for awareness of Brain cancer, so there will be some honourable people to meet and see at this event.
If the VDBC and any members can support the event, please let the President or Secretary know ASAP.
If you do not have a boat that you can put on display, then simple bring the family along a let the kids, "Big and Small" meet some of the Supercar V8s drivers and legends of the sport.
We apologies for the short notice but the event as worthwhile cause.


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Ski Race Events


The club for many years has place a static display at the Southern 80.
Well this is also proposed again for 2017 and the club has also been approached for Robinvale and Mildura.
The club simply could not support all these race weekend events in 2016 but it does give us the opportunity to broaden our club advertising.
We also have the opportunity for on water displays. It has been discussed, the Robinvale & Mildura could possibly place a Alcohol hydro on water display.
So all keep in mind for future events.


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Car Show Displays


The club is also being ask to support a couple of car shows.
The interest of the drag boat Club and the boats that are owned by members is gathering interest, we either capitalise on the events or keep struggling for recognition.
All are items that will be raised and discussed at the AGM.
Remember It is a club and the members is what make the club, not your committee.


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Website & APP


The club has a new website and App are for the sole benefit of the club and members & visiting guests.
The Website is where you will find the high majority of information on the club.
The App has simular items and is being used for what is termed Push Notifications, this unfortunately has not all gone to plan.
However we are trying hard to ensure the system works for those who have downloaded the app.
We will get there.


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The Secretary Report


The Financial race calendar for 2015 & 2016 is drawing to a near end.
The season has had its controversial issues, however the club and committee has forged onwards and forwards.
Prior to actual race commencing the club had paid out a lot of monies to ensure the season starts.
The committee came to a point of where do we consider that we have to run a race day event on boat numbers verses the high possibility of losing funds from the clubs bank account.
This lead to the decision of a limit of 12 boat entries was the cut-off point and the committee was force to up hold that decision.
In light of this the committee cancelled one meeting as a direct result of low boat numbers verses the cost of running an event.
I expect this maybe raised at the AGM for members input.
I do not see any foreseeable magical wand that will fix the issue, the committee has been fully aware of many peoples position when it comes to racing their boats, it has been a topic for many years but it has finally come to a point where the club needs to make some serious decisions in order to keep the club viable for years to come.
The racing rule book is being rewritten. It will have less rules in it for the next race season but it will have the rules for junior racers.
It is highly possible that it will not be fully completed for the AGM but I expect that it will be finalised with a very short period their after.
The reasons for rule changes is for rules that club can justify and enforce plus also the recommendation of Transport Safety Victoria.
The current racing rule book has been discussed over several meetings.
I expect that the rule book will continue to change within the coming years hopefully as the sport gains momentum.


Now with the issue of current low boat numbers the club has been able to actually maintain a healthy financial position to say the least, this has only being achieved from some extremely hardworking members in the club especially from the many ladies that come down to give their support on each and every race day as well as some general meetings.
The club has run all its own BBQs and drinks facilities plus gate entry and membership fees.
These 4 items alone plus the fundraiser is what has seriously kept this club in a healthy position.
Many members and their partners have worked bloody hard in the last 12 months so I hope members have taken some serious notice.
The low number of boats have actually cost the club this financial season on entry fees which have not been enough to cover the costs of running a race event, when we consider Insurance, paramedic, divers and a rescue driver, and Parks which are fully paid for on each and every race event.
The committee has to work extremely hard to organise these race events and they do not take pride in having to cancel an event based on low numbers.
The reality is the clubs position needs to make changes.
I would prefer to see boat numbers increase rather than seeing race days decrease but that just maybe my view, but the members can no longer expect the committee and certain club members to continue to do the hard yards for only hand full of race boats and expect to see the same club to continue on for little reward or the high possibility of losing monies.
Something has to change or give and as members you all have choice and responsibility to the club, if people wish to see it continue.
It is not rocket science.


On that note social media is fast becoming the way to keep people informed, it has on the odd occasion been used by certain members & people to place posts or comments that were actually not in the clubs better interests.
The committee has taken a stand towards this and people or members can expect in the future to either have their comments and posts removed without warning or explanation.
If the post warrants any action the committee will take the stand directly to any person or member within the club.
This also includes any social media pages that the club has no control over.
It simply will not be tolerated.
If you are not sure on certain information, then the clubs website www.vdbc.com.au is the official place to look.
If the information is not on the clubs website, then use the contacts on the website as your next point of reference.
Someone will be able to help you out.
Also some of this information is also on the clubs APP.
On membership there will be a membership rule book issued out to every member.
All members will be able to reference those rules as part of your membership.
This rules are in support of clubs constitution.
This race season the club has had Brett Sheppard return to race his B.A.D boat with his new cell all nicely fitted.
It has been good to see Brett supporting the club when and where he can.
We have also had some interest from the Woodies Boat club and now the Lake Hume Power Boat Club not to mention all the support for static displays by the club.
Proposed race drag boat events away from NWSC, I would like to point out that anything a possible, however, the reality is there is a lot more work that is now required with all Government departments that have a direct or indirect impact on whether we can race at other locations.
The time element required out ways the clubs resources currently in being able to achieve these golds.
A recent race event at lake Mulwala had a very serious unforeseen impact of another race boat club, they were hit with all sorts of extra safety and administration issues and costs.
I was informed that they most likely never ever race there again as a direct result and it has caused serious other issues. When the club books race dates with Parks the club has to book the entire course now, we can no longer book the course for 1km track or 2km track as we need.
Members need to understand that Government bureaucracy is seriously having a very large effect on our sport in administration requirements.


On that note, I would like to thank all the current committee for all the hard work they done over the last 12 months, plus also all the other members who worked just as hard throughout the race season, without it, the club simply would not be in the position It is in now.
I sincerely hope that all decided to continue for the next 12 months as I have enjoyed the accomplishments that have been achieved with the forward plans that are set to hopefully push the club to an even better position.


Mike Waghorne
VDBC Secretary


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