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2016 Newsletter No.4

Boats on the Bank

Next Race day 17th April 2016.


Entry nomination are required by no later than Monday the 11th April, 2016, by 4pm.
All members and racers are to remember, unless we have 12 or more boat entries the race will be cancelled.
Please remember that day light saving will have ended for this meeting hence support is needed for setup and packup for the relevant days.
Everyone has families to get home to and nobody wants to still be packing up in the dark.


Race day schedule.


Race Day. All boats must be at the venue by 8am no late entries unless prior notice is given by Wendy Howie.
Scrutineering will be done on the Saturday afternoon from 1pm and up to 8:30am on Sunday morning.
To make things easier we ask that Boat Owners have their boats scrutineered on the Saturday afternoon if possible.
There maybe also the opportunity to have it done during the week at a venue to be notified.
We will keep you posted.


BBQ Breakfast


The VDBC may supply a bacon and eggs for breakfast but support is required.


Drivers Briefing


9:30am Sharp.
All drivers and crew members to attend, Do not wait to be called.
( Non Attendance = No Racing – No Exceptions ).
All boats are to be on the water before 9:30am except for BADs and Hydro boats.
( Nobody is permitted to start their boats engines prior to 10:00am ).




10:00-10:15am Racing to start
( Unless Delayed ).
All bracket class boats are to have their boats in the water before drivers briefing.
All other boats are to be ready when called.




1:00-2:00pm BBQ available.




2:00pm sharp
5:00pm all racing should be completed by the latest.
Then all race boat owners and drivers are required to help pack up.


Pack Up Course


All racers are to support and help pack up all equipment, this is not a committee-only responsibility, any non-race members we also ask for your support. many hands make light work.


Whats on the Agenda


April club meeting is on Tuesday 5th April 2016, all members and visitors are welcome to attend.
Meeting starts at 7:30pm.
The meeting is held in the common room at the National Water Sports Centre.
This meeting has been brought forward by 1 week due to race day date being too close.
Race day 17th refer to previous information.
May 2016
3rd Club meeting at the NWSC, meeting starts at 7:30pm.
15th last race day for the 2015⁄16 race season.
Race boat nominations are due by 10th May no later 4pm.


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The Beyond Blue Chris Pasila Fun Day on the 2nd April 2016


The club has been asked if it can support this event.
The secretary raised this proposal last year and the club agreed to support the occasion.
The committee would like to see members and friends join in on the day.
The club is also considering on making it a social weekend away.
We are asking people to bring their boats along for the day or weekend.
The event is being held in Yarrawonga on the Murray River.
Many members have known the Pasila family for many years and would have known young Chris who departed this world far too soon. So we ask that you mark your calendars or dairies and give this some support as a club as we have done many times previously for other occasions.
If you can support let either Alan Joy, Wendy Howie or Mike Waghorne know as Marie from Melton speed boat club is organising the event of behalf of the Pasila Family.
We are running out of time but the club would like to make this also a social weekend away then we need to know by the end of this month. Do not just acknowledge the end of the month, make your commitment of intension known now if possible.


Format for the day is as follows.


9:00 am All Boats for the event to be onsite at Hogans Road Reserve.
* Race boats parked in designated display area etc.
9:30 am Briefing for those who have ski boats going for a run on the lake.
10:00am First ski boat away.
12:00am DJ, Jumping Castle, Lions BBQ.
1:00 pm The last of the ski boats return, General get together, raffles etc.
3.30 pm Event finishes.


The Victorian Drag Boat Club is supporting this event, we current have members taking their boats up to display for the public to view, this is also another day of promoting our club as a team effort.
If anyone else would to bring their boat up for the day or weekend, please let the President know or the secretary ASAP. If you do not have a boat and would to be part of the club and support the day activities, you are more than welcome to come along for the day.
The more the better.


Chris Psaila Family Day


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The Nationals Event.


The Nationals event was another successful day for the club.
The day racing was spectacular again.
Boat numbers were down compared to previous years but that did not deter the success for the day.
Having the dual event with car clubs is proving to be bonus way of getting the public to bring their families out for the day.
It was hard not notice the all the young kids running around on the day.
Special thanks goes out the Torana Car Club for their support, also to all the members that worked their absolute butts off working the BBQ and Bar all day long.
The tower crew were entertaining as usual and kept the public going all day.
The club had around 500 plus people on the day.


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The Raffle


The club like many other years held a raffle to raise monies for.
The monies raised goes to Renal Dialsis Unit this year.
Approximately $800 was raised after expenses.
A very special thanks to Christie and her good friend Jessie for their relentless effort in walking around selling raffle tickets the large majority part of the day. The 2 Girls have done this on countless times over the years they deserve some recognition for their efforts.
Congratulations to Adrian Craig for being the lucky winner of the ticket drawn. Do not drink them all at once AIDS.


Raffle Girls


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The Bill Davis Memorial Winner


The Bill Davis Memorial came down to two worthy racers & boats.
Bottle Fed vs Alky Rock, the Nitrous Oxide combinations vs Blown Alcohol.
The winner of the race was so close, it was a race to wait for. In the end there is only one winner.
Congratulations to Adrian Craig with his winning boat "Bottle fed".


Bottle Fed Bill Davis Memorial


The Yella Terra Cup Winner


This years Yella Terra Cup was challenged by 2 Blown Alcohol Boats.
Unleashed owned & raced by Brett Sheppard & Disruption owned & raced by Paul Franks.
Paul was the winner on the day.
Paul recently entered into the Blown Alcohol ranks of displacement racing, whilst he has some issues on his newly setup combination the win on the day brought a great big smile, Great effort paul.
Congratulations to Paul Franks with his winning boat "Disruption".


Disruption Yella Terra Cup


Then we have all the bracket class winners.
Congratulations to all that won on the day.
One very big massive effort by all boat owners, racers, drivers & crews.
With the AGM coming up time for some serious nominations for best Boat & crews, there are some really getting into promoting themselves as race teams.
Great to see the effort that people are putting in.
On behalf on the VDBC mc, we would like to specially thank Brett Sheppard and his family and crew for their support and continued support towards the VDBC, Brett has predominately built his boat for circuit racing.
Brett was able to put on display for many on the bank that come down to see the BADs in action.
Brett is a very competitive and well respected racer and we hope that he will continue to support our club and sport on race day and events when he can.


Unleashed & Crew


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VDBC Website


Just a reminder to keep your eye on the clubs website.
Make sure you check the notice board to see whats been added.
It can make short work to see whats been updated plus refer to the date as shown on the home page.
The clubs app is apparently still having some teething issue where push notifications are disappearing for apple I phone users. Alan Joy is addressing the issue to see what can be done.
This issue is not prevalent for android phones all though the system is working slowly to the club benefit.


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Cole runner Flat Bottom Boat.
$18.000 Melbourne. Australia
Cole runner flat bottom with 565 ci motor. ready to race or run. 105-110 mph boat.
Tandem trailer, all registered.
For more information, call Gary on 0417178810.


Boat Start


Boat Racing


Cole runner Flat Bottom Boat.
Melbourne. Australia
Cole runner flat bottom 077, ready to race or run. 100-105 mph boat.
Tandem trailer, all registered.
For more information, call Gary on 0417178810.


Boat side by side


Boat Drags


VDBC Secretary: Mike Waghorne


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Victorian Drag Boat Club Inc. P.O. Box 3238, Mornington, Vic, 3931.


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