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2016 Newsletter No.1

Where have we been?


Well lately the committee has been extremely busy for the last 6 months in organising what needs to be done for the members of the club so that we can hold race days as the clubs main sport.
The government once again have change systems that they believe is necessary to satisfy the bureaucrats of the State of Victoria.
The reality however it took 5 months almost for us to get our approvals to race through prior to the Clubs scheduled race meeting back in November 2015.




The club has a new website and is now fully under the control of the committee, whilst it may not be as flashy as what we had previously, currently the club is controlling what costs are involved and what information is posted for members and general public. The site will continue to evolve as time goes on and the Web hosts become more experienced at designing of web pages.
Currently there is a lot of information on this site which is there for all to read or use as required. Any constructive thoughts and ideas will be considered for the site.
The web address is www.vdbc.com.au.
The clubs full yearly calendar is on the website so there is no excuse for not knowing what is happening and planned for the club.
There are some forms that can be used. These forms have security measures installed in them so any information you provide will be safe and we will continue to keep things safe.




The fund raiser was another successful day in raising some much needed funds for the club.
The event will be held again in November 2016 at the same location, more details to be advised as the date gets closer.
It was noted that an increase in ticket sales will need to happen, it was also noted the event needs more club members support on the purchase of tickets rather than non-club members.
All those who supported the November 2015 event the committee would like to thank you for the support and special thanks was posted to Alan Joy and his family for organising & hosting the event again.


November 2015 Race Day


The November race date continued to see the decline in boat numbers, the committee held the commitment to run the event, even at a loss in the money terms. It is unfortunate however based on that the committee and members in attendance at the recent, January monthly club meeting, have come to the realisation that running an event for 6-7 boats just does not cut it.
It is a waste of time setting up the course, organising divers, paramedics rescue drivers, tower staff, and all the other support staff that is needed to run each and every race event.
So for the duration of 2016 — Jan, Feb, Mar, April & May race events, if boat owners or drivers have not notified the President, Vice President, Secretary or other committee members as listed on the website of their intension to race or not, by the Friday of the week before, by 4pm on each event, including the Nationals those events could be cancelled.
Members will need to discuss the declining number of entries.
This may include reducing the total amount of race events which may also reflect in the following year until numbers are on the rise again.
Nobody is making any suggestions that boat owners and drivers do not have the intension of racing however until things change, the club as a whole cannot afford to run events where the costs become a burden on the clubs financial interests.
It is the responsibility for Boat owners and drivers to inform us of your intension for each race meeting.


Parks & NWSC


As mentioned beforehand bureaucracy has increased, Parks at Patterson lakes office no longer take control of yearly applications for organising and approving the events to be held at the NWSC.
The officers still will take our notification to book into their diary however the approval now comes from a central office located in Melbourne CBD.
In relation to booking the NWSC waterway in previous years we had the options of booking the 1km or the full 2km course, to which we were charged accordingly to what we booked. This has now changed, If the club books the course we are booking the whole 2km waterway, currently that stands at a cost of approximately $1100.00 for each race event, this does not include the application fees to parks or the advertising charges to the newspaper in the public notifications, nor the costs of the insurance to run the events.
Whilst these charges may seem expensive the limit for this race season to cover bare costs for boat owners & drivers is how the minimum of 12 boats comes into the equation and do not forget safety crews like divers and paramedics fees are also on top of that as well. When we take all this into a yearly consideration, the associated costs that club asks boat owners & drivers to pay, it is the basic entry fees that covers these costs, If the race dates next season are reduced then the cost for each owner & driver will increase to cover the costs.
Parks have also entered into a new refuse (garbage⁄rubbish collection contract) and that new contract will only have a limited amount of waste bins available for us to use at the NWSC so all excess garbage⁄rubbish that requires to be removed, the club must now organise to have it removed at our expense.


Smart Phone App


Do you have the clubs new phone app on your phone, if not why not!
The app is free for apple and android type smart phones, "Yes its Free" all you have to do is download the app.
All the details are on the club website.
The app is a monthly cost to the club so do not waste it by not having it on your phone.
Let your family & friends know about it, the more the better for the club.


Smart Phone App


Do you have the clubs new phone app on your phone, if not why not!
The app is free for apple and android type smart phones, "Yes its Free" all you have to do is download the app.
All the details are on the club website.
The app is a monthly cost to the club so do not waste it by not having it on your phone.
Let your family & friends know about it, the more the better for the club.




The SMS service will still be use as alternative measure to get information out to members.
If you have changed any of your details, please use the forms on the website to let us know your new contact details.
It is the only way for us to keep members informed, is if we have your correct details on record then you will get the update information notices.


The Southern 80 Race Event


The 2016 Southern-80 race organisers have again allowed the VDBC to put a display of boats on show.
Our President has been working had behind the scenes to keep the club involved.
"Boat Owners" your support is required and if you can help by taking your boat up for the weekend let the President know "Now". The club will also do a demo on the water. The last time this happened, former racer Russell Palmer put Stone Cold on the water with a full demo, for this to happen again, is a big step up for our club but most importantly is a big step up for the sport of boat racing in general, so it is a win for all involved.
Great Work from our President.
Support roles are need for the Southern-80 so if you can help and are going to the event let Wendy know ASAP.
3rd Jan race meeting cancelled.
It is unfortunate but as I write this newsletter that the January race meeting is being cancelled.
This has been a direct result of issues outside of our control. If the reason happens again then other race dates will fall to same fate. We prefer to run meetings than not.


Feb Race day 2016


The next race day is on Sunday 28th Feb 2016.
It will be the last chance for race boat owners to get some much needed practice in before the Nationals event and some high points behind your boat and Name.
All race Boat entries are required by Friday the 1gth Feb 2016.
Please nominate your entry directly to the President — Wendy on 0438 758 187.
Do not wait for anyone to call you or chase you, take the lead and make the call, Yes or No, or send an SMS text message.
It is really that simple!


Nationals Event 2016


The club is holding its Nationals Race day on Sunday 20th March.
The Torana Car Club is supporting the event again this year with all their Hot Rods.
The VDBC needs to get commitment from Boat racers "Now" as we need to be able to ensure that we will have good classes of boats.
We need to hear from Hydro owners, BADs owners and the all bracket class boats. As earlier as possible.


Cancelling of Race Events


The committee would like to inform everyone that cancelling an event is not taken lightly.
We do not take pride in having to make these decisions after so much work has gone into organising these events, however it has come to the stage that low boats numbers are becoming a major issue verses the costs of running the event, where financial losses cost the club severally.
The committee is fully aware of all the issues that affect boats racing at any event including personal reasons and it is not solely directed at drag boat racing events.
Racers will be called to a meeting within coming weeks to discuss these very issues and hopefully come to agreements on race meetings to be sorted for the rest of this years scheduled & future events.
There is no plausible reason for the VDBC Club committees to continue in working hard to organise race meeting if race boats numbers are not going to be available on race days.
The VDBC needs racers to clearly understand that the clubs purpose is to provide the facility for drag boat racing, we cannot force racers to attend based on the clubs commitment towards drag boat racing.
The two go hand in hand. Without race boats, there can not be any racing conducted.
Boat owners and drivers need to step up to the plate and support the clubs functions if the club is to continue conducting race events.
Many things have change in recent years, so either the club changes with things or it may face the prospects financially suffering in future events.


We will send information out, we will prompt all race boat owners about race dates and entries Via.

It is then up to the racers and boat owner to make a simple decision on being realistically able to race your boat on the day.


Junior Racers


In recent times the club has tried to get Junior races back on the water, Transport Safety Victoria & Parks have had to stop this due to other reasons.
We finally have a mandate and method to hopefully get juniors back on the water.
The committee hopes that our submission on this will be approved by the end of the season so that Juniors can start to race again.




The Victorian Drag Boat Club Inc. reserves all rights to change, add, alter or cancel any race events.
For the latest information download the VDBC (APP) or view the clubs website www.vdbc.com.au or contact any committee member.
If you are interested in racing at our events and are new to the sport please contact General enquires or the Vic President.
All race events are open to any competitor.
All new racers are welcome to compete.


VDBC Secretary: Mike Waghorne


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