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2015 Newsletter No.1

I would like to inform all that the VDBC 1st race meeting is this Sunday.
I hope by now that everyone is well aware of the date.
There have been some substantial changes within the club and some of those items has an effect to the club as a whole.
The approach that the committee has taken is to say Hi to All & Members and inform as many members and non-members as much as we can.
We hope that many members will support the club.
Time has been as big problem but we have slowly stayed in front of things.


The clubs new website is www.vdbc.com.au, on the website there is already a huge amount of information available to you.
The website will continue to evolve over coming months, so keep your eyes on what is happening.
If you have any suggestions for your website. then please send an email to the webmaster via the contacts on the website.
The clubs other website www.vdbc.com I hope to have updated with Duane in the USA once he is available again to start.


The club also has a new app for android and apple I phones, for Android phone go to: https:⁄⁄play.google.com⁄store⁄apps. for apple I phones go to the App store. then type in the Victorian Drag Boat Club and the app will come up. Once you have downloaded the app it will become part of your information source to keep you up to date as much as we can.
It is intended to have live streaming on race day events only.
These apps are free. so pass it to your family and friends.
The more people the better the results will be for the club.


There is only one official Facebook page that is controlled by 5 members of the club.


With all that is happening within the club, the support from members is clearly needed.
There have been many members involved in the club over the last 28 years and it is a good reason why it still exists today, but it does not happen without good help.
With the 2 recent events for the club only a hand full of people supported the events, this unfortunately does not help the club in the manner that is needed.
We need to have members involved and not just paid members.
We do get a lot of input from certain members about suggestions to try and do but not much follows on because its left to only a hand full of people, to which they simply cannot forefill or commit to.


The fundraiser tickets have been sold out so we are looking forward to another good day at Alan Joys home, to which he has opened up to the club yet again.


I hope to have a newsletter uploaded on the website within the coming weeks.


Notice: Just recently we had an issue with the contacts email address on the website. please be informed that has now been rectified.
Your contacts on the website is the best method for contacting the committee as listed.


VDBC Secretary: Mike Waghorne


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