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The Victorian Drag Boat Club has been drag boat racing since 1986 and caters for ALL types of boats from the family ski boat to the purpose built capsule hydro's capable of over 200mph!


Based at the National water sports centre in carrum the club has invested in a new state of the art dual lane timing system, much like our asphalt cousins that allows for genuine E.T racing in all classes and also gives the racer the much needed information on each run to allow each boat to be tuned to the conditions on the day. With E.T racing you are able to use any type of hull and engine combination to compete in your chosen bracket.


Racing generally starts at 10:30am and continues until 5:00pm.


We encourage a family environment with free entry for the kids with catering on site at very reasonable prices.


Please feel free to check this website regularly for race dates and other events as they develop.


We look forward to your company soon on the "Liquid Quarter Mile".


Note: The VDBC website has been renewed, please refresh the webpage with the f5 key on the keyboard or the circle arrow next to the House Icon in the top menu of the address bar on the browser, this is to refresh the cache on your computer to the latest updates, thank you.


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What is Drag Boat Racing?


Want to Race your Boat




Many thanks to Jacalyn McShane for creating these video's above.


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Parks Victoria as the declared waterway manager for the Patterson River, upstream of the Nepean Highway Bridge to Eumemmering Creek (including the National Water Sports Centre), makes the following declaration under section 203(3) of the Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic).


For the purposes of boating activity conducted by the Victorian Drag Boat Club Inc (VDBC), persons and vessels involved in the Victorian Drag Boat Series 2023-24 are exempt from the following requirements:


State Rules made under the Marine Act 1988

  1. Clause 2(a) – must not exceed 5 knots within 50 metres of a person in the water
  2. Clause 2(c) – must not exceed 5 knots within 50 meters of another vessel
  3. Clause 3(a) – must not exceed 5 knots within 50 metres of the water's edge
  4. Clause 3(b) – must not exceed 5 knots within 50 metres of a fixed or floating structure


Marine Safety Regulations 2023


5. Regulations 61(5) & 62(1) – Master requirement to carry listed safety equipment on vessel on inland waters (bucket with lanyard, waterproof buoyant torch and paddle) and carry suitable portable fire extinguisher(s) on board.




For the purpose of boating activities conducted by Victorian Drag Boat Club (VDBC) involving enclosed cockpit and capsule vessel drivers, a lifejacket of a type described in Parts 2 to 5 of "Schedule 1 - Types of Lifejackets", of the Marine Safety Regulations 2023 (MSRs) is modified to include a lifejacket is deemed a Level 100 plus, Level 50 or Level 50S lifejacket if competitor complies with rule 9.8 of the current VDBC Official Racing Rule Book.


Subject to the conditions detailed below:



By order of Parks Victoria Dated: 25⁄09⁄2023


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Next Drag Boat Race Day is on Sunday 28th of April 2024


BIG BIG NEWS - the April 28th race meeting for the Victorian Drag Boat Club has now been upgraded to THE AUSTRALIAN DRAG BOAT NATIONALS with Top Alcohol Hydro's from NSW and VIC headed here to Patterson Lakes plus some Limited Hydro's ready to race, BE THERE.



Race Flyer


General admission is $10 per person, with children under 16 years of age free entry.


For new boats that would like to be a part of this event, please have a look at our Membership & Race Day Information located in the menu links above.


Entrants MUST notify the club of their intention to race 7 days before the event!


2023⁄2024 Race Dates & Schedule is located in the Racing Info link in the menu above.


Please have your entries in ASAP with your VDBC Membership paid for 2023⁄2024, this is easier for the VDBC with time to get things organised


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Please note that the club has now set a 15 BOAT MINIMUM for all race days and without these numbers being reached PRIOR to race day the race meeting will be cancelled!
It is the drivers responsibility to enter each race meeting so please DO NOT EXPECT a call from the club make the effort and enter your boat now!


Deadline for race meetings is 1 week before race date.
Also please note that if you race a boat, you are 100% required to assist in "set up & pack up" on the day.
The days of racing and putting your boat on the trailer and heading to the bar are GONE…

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