VDBC : Racing Information

VDBC 2019⁄20 Race Schedule 

We will notify of racing dates for the 2019⁄20 Drag Boat Racing Season


Date Event Loc Qual Elim Final 2nd Chance Draw
Loc = Location, Qual = Qualifying, Elim = Eliminations, TBA = To Be Arranged.
Lunchtime is around 1pm for Approx 30 minutes.

Drag Boat Race Schedule Notes

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VDBC Drivers Requirements 

  1. Boat owners must be a current Gold 2018⁄2019 paid up member or Life Member of the VDBC Inc.
  2. Race Drivers must be a current Gold 2018⁄2019 paid up member or Life Member of the VDBC Inc.
  3. All race crews should be a member or be covered by a family membership.
    ( Highly Recommended ).
  4. You must have a valid current State boating licence at each event
    ( No Licence = No Racing ) No Exceptions.
  5. The boat must be registered, a current valid label must be fitted to the boat.
    ( No Registration Label fitted = No Racing ) No Exceptions.
  6. Day Medicals are accepted on the day for drag boat racing.
  7. Full Medicals are required for all "Pro Boats".
    ( No Exceptions ).
  8. You must have Ambulance cover and proof must be supplied that it is current and valid.
  9. You must provide Emergency contact details.
  10. You must be prepare to sign the indemnity form for each race event, this now includes all drivers, race boat owners and all crew members.
    ( Indemnity Forms are required ).
  11. You must pay all required fees and any associated costs as nominated by the committee.
  12. You boat must pass scrutineering.
  13. All capsule boats must pass divers inspections
    ( No Exceptions ).
  14. All race boats must have a rope deflector fitted.
    ( No Exceptions ).
  15. All boats and crew must be at the racing venue by 8:00 am each race meeting.
  16. Your nomination of intention to race must be in by 14 days prior to the event to the President or Vice President.
  17. Drivers - Boat owners and your crews must be present at the drivers briefing scheduled at 9:30 am on each race event
    ( No Attendance = No Racing ) No Exceptions.
  18. All non force induction engines must have water running through exhaust systems to reduce noise levels or they must run some form of silencing system to the exhaust system.
    ( No Zoomie type exhausts allowed on these engines ).
  19. All race boats must clearly have a Identifiable race number on either side of the boat.
  20. You must provide all relevant forms as nominated by the club. so it can keep records as legally required.

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VDBC Race Entry Form 

Download Link


VDBC Race Entry Form PDF


When filled out, save the document, then either e-mail to secretary@vdbc.com.au or print and mail to:
Victorian Drag Boat Club Inc P.O. Box 3238, Mornington, Victoria 3931.

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VDBC National Titles 

2020 National Titles



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VDBC Boat Classes: 

Class Class Name Trophy
TL8 TOP LIMITED Bill Davis, Yella Terra, ET Challenge, Outboard ET
PC9 PRO COMP Bill Davis, Yella Terra, ET Challenge, Outboard ET
SC10 SUPER COMP Bill Davis, Yella Terra, ET Challenge, Outboard ET
SS11 SUPER STOCK Rob Oliver, Outboard ET
MS12 MOD STOCK Rob Oliver, Outboard ET
SE13 STOCK ELIMINATOR Rob Oliver, Outboard ET


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